Nextherm - About us

Nextherm Heat Transfer Fluids are specifically formulated, utilizing high-quality base fluids and additives, to meet the demands of a wide variety of thermal transfer systems.

Nextherm Heat Transfer Fluids are highly additized, utilizing an advanced combination of additive technologies, to provide outstanding oxidative and thermal stability. This can lead to reduced fluid consumption, increased fluid change intervals, decreased deposit formation and increased system performance. Nextherm's line of heat transfer fluids is designed to last longer than the competitors in the toughest applications, from temperatures as low as -90°C to as high as 330°C. All of Nextherm's Heat Transfer Fluids are non-toxic and do not require any special shipping or disposal procedures. For more information, contact your Nextherm representative today!

Nextherm Heat Transfer Fluids offers you:

  • Very high flash points.
  • Low odor and no toxicity.
  • Top-off compatiblity with OEM and aftermarket equivalents.
  • Thoroughly tested and proven products that excel in the most demanding conditions, such as extreme temperatures.
  • Unmatched performance, protection and oil life.
  • Fluids that accurately and consistently match manufacturing specifications and pass the most stringent quality standards.

With NEXTHERM as your heat transfer fluid supplier, you always will receive premium quality products with the industry's finest service and competitive pricing.