Nextherm - Cleaners

Sludge, varnish and carbon deposits are the most common contaminats in heat transfer systems. Those contaminations reduce the efficienty of your system significantly by creating an insulating layer between the oil and both heaters and processes.

Nextherm offers a full line of system cleaners that are formulated for both regular maintenance of system and emergency system restorations. Depending on the situation, Nextherm can recommend a cleaner that can be added to existing fluids, preformulated run-in cleaners, and off-line full system cleaners for heavily varnished equipment.

All of Nextherm's cleaners are non-toxic and non-hazardous. They do not require any special disposal or transportation procedures, allowing them to be easily shipped to any facility and disposed of with regular used oil. Nextherm also offers H1 food grade cleaners for systems requiring a fluid that may have incidental contact with edible products.

Whether you are performing regular maintenance of your system to maintain efficiency, or require emergency system restoration, Nextherm is here to help. With our full line of cleaners, we can determine the perfect product for your system and maintenance schedule. Contact Nextherm technical support today for more information on how to get the optimum efficiency and operational performance from your system.