Nextherm - Services


Nextherm offers heat transfer fluid analysis that can be used as a part of a predictive maintenance program. Regular analysis of your heat transfer fluid can help identify outside contamination or equipment issues prior to them becoming severe enough to halt production. As well, regular monitoring of your heat transfer fluid can help estimate total usable life to ensure a fluid isn't discarded when it is still in good condition. Fluid analysis is also recommended when cleaning a system with a run-in cleaner to monitor the process.

Typical test results include, but are not limited to, the following properties:

  • Fluid viscosity
  • Total acid number (TAN)
  • Dissolved elements
  • Flash point
  • Water content

Our oil analysis reports enables customers to properly monitor their heat transfer systems, helping to save maintenance costs and maintain overall efficiency.


Nextherm's knowledgeable technical support personnel can help with a wide variety of system needs; from design and installation, to troubleshooting and decomissioning. You can count on Nextherm's support in every situation, including emergencies.

Nextherm's technical support personnel can also utilize system information and fluid analysis data to idenfity potential system issues and remediation techniques. Some projects that Nextherm personnel have assisted with include:

  • System capacity analysis
  • Fluid transition programs
  • Degasification
  • Off- and online filtration techniques, including:
    • Filtration with lyophilization
    • Filtration with centrifugation
    • Magnetic filtration
  • Dehydration
  • Maintenance planning
  • System restoration planning