Nextherm - Nextherm 332

NEXTHERM 332 is a high-quality, environmentally-friendly heat transfer fluid designed for systems that require a fluid with stability up to 332 °C. It is an ideal heat transfer fluid for a wide range of applications that require a long-lasting and clean running fluid. The combination of high-quality base fluids and additives provides excellent resistance to oxidation and thermal degradation. With improved thermal capacity and conductivity, NEXTHERM 332 can increase system performance by enhancing the heat transfer capability. The non-toxic and non-hazardous formulation is safe for workers and the environment and can be disposed in the same manner as used motor oil.

Typical Properties
Viscosity cSt @ 40°C 42 Viscosity cSt @ 100°C 6.6
Maximum bulk/use temperature °C 332 Density @ 15°C 0.868
Flash Point °C 228 Sulphur content %, mass X-ray < 0.01
Carbon residue, % mass 0.01 Cu Strip Corrosion 1a
Vapor Pressure, kPa @ 200°C 0.15 Vapor Pressure, kPa @ 260°C 1.47
Vapor Pressure, kPa @ 300°C 6.6 Distillation range, °C 10% 390
Distillation range, °C 90% 495

Performance Advantages

  • Enhanced thermal and oxidative stability, contributing to long life at very high temperatures
  • High flash, fire and auto-ignition temperatures for added safety
  • Low volatility and vapor pressures
  • High heat capacity and thermal conductivity
  • Excellent deposit control to help keep system clean
  • High viscosity index for improved pumpability at lower temperatures, making startup easier
  • Superior demulsibility and cold flow properties for smoother start-ups.

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