Nextherm - Heat Transfer Fluids

Nextherm Heat Transfer Fluids are specifically formulated highly refined fluids that meet the demands of thermal transfer systems. The unique advanced additive package formulated into Nextherm’s Heat Transfer Fluids provide better thermal stability for optimum system operation. This can lead to reduced fluid changes or top-offs, decreased deposit formation and increased system performance. Nextherm’s line of heat transfer fluids is designed to last in the toughest applications from temperatures as low as -90 °C to as high as 330 °C.

Benefits of Nextherm Heat Transfer Fluids

  • Nextherm Heat Transfer Fluids are formulated for extreme high temperature applications, up to 330 °C.
  • Broad product line, formulations crafted to meet your processing needs. From -90 °C to 330 °C
  • Fully additized formulation. Helps ensure a long lasting formulation due to the formulations excellent oxidative and thermal stability. Additive also ensure that the formulation is clean running and does not produce excessive carbon and varnish deposits. Most competitive fluids are just pure base stock. The lack of additives limits the fluids effectiveness in punishing applications

Extremely safe

  • Very high flash point: Current regulations in Europe limit the temperature of thermal system to below the flash point of the thermal fluid. Nextherm offers thermal fluids with flash points up to 270 °C. This means that there is no need to decrease operating temperatures to comply with safety regulations
  • Very low odor: The fluids low vapour pressure results in a very low odor formulation at temperature. Makes working with the fluid easier, better operating environment
  • Better Pumpability: Low vapour pressure leads to reduced risk of pump cavitation. Improves pumping efficiency